FutureServers status page


Services Functioning Normally

We have had problems with power in a specific rack within the last year, and we now feel this should hopefully be addressed by having the underlying power circuit which connects to our rack PDU changed to a newer and higher spec cable by the DC.

Last updated: February 07 2021 22:18:58.

Technical issues over last 6 months

Date Server(s) Issue Completed
Wednesday 21st Sep 2016 Multiple servers Connectivity issues to a number of servers 21/09/2016
Sunday 20th Mar 2016 Multiple servers Connectivity issues due to wrong cached DNS 20/03/2016
Saturday 27th Feb 2016 Multiple servers Rack PDU failed affecting multiple servers 27/02/2016
Friday 19th Feb 2016 Gene 550 outbound errors via SMTP and Webmail 22/02/2016
Sunday 1st Nov 2015 Multiple servers A PDU failure caused a power outage to a number of servers. This was resolved by replacing it. 01/11/2015
Thursday 16th Jul 2015 Buzz Server blacklisted due to SPAM emanating from some hosting accounts 16/07/2015
Wednesday 28th Jan 2015 Multiple servers All FutureServers host are hardened against the GHOST Gnu Lib C bug 28/01/2015
Saturday 10th Jan 2015 Gene Apache web services down overnight 10/01/2015
Thursday 27 Nov 2014 Fred Minor Disruption to services 03/11/2014
Monday 03 Nov 2014 Fred Compromised site and mailbox caused mail delivery problem 03/11/2014
Wednesday 22 Oct 2014 Dick Scheduled maintenance to server DICK 22/10/2014
Thursday 16 Oct 2014 Multiple servers All FutureServers host are hardened against the Poodlebleed bug 16/10/2014
Friday 10 Oct 2014 Gene Roll out of new systems caused interuption to SRV records being served by our DNS servers. 10/10/2014
Friday 10 Oct 2014 Multiple servers Huge increase in incoming spam over last few days. Our systems handled this. 08/10/2014
Wednesday 8 Oct 2014 Aquarius Interuption to services during server move and subsequent DNS issues. 08/10/2014
Wednesday 25 Sept 2014 Fred, Buzz Interuption to incoming email. 25/09/2014
Wednesday 20 Aug 2014 Lister Scheduled downtime on Lister during planned maintenance 20/08/2014
Monday 18 Aug 2014 Lister Scheduled downtime on Lister during planned maintenance 18/08/2014
Tuesday 12 Aug 2014 Ed We replaced a failing hard drive. And ran file system checks before bringing all services back online 12/08/2014
Wednesday 6 Aug 2014 Lister Lister experienced a short disruption to services. 06/08/2014



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